Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hobby:   an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or
       relaxation, typically done during one's leisure time.

So today wednesday in my bible study, we had a little 'get to know you' session where you go around the horn and tell the group what your hobbies are.  Go ahead...roll your eyes, I was.  I despise cheesy crap like that (cynical, much?), but it wasn't nearly as bad as the day that they made us stand up and march for 2+ minutes to "get the wiggles out" so we would know what our children are doing in their class. It took all I had to participate and I'm still bitter.  Anyway, for the hobby exercise, I was last to go (because, shocker, I was late), so I had many minutes to formulate my list.  Of my hobbies.  Alphabetically.  And by devotion level.  And years committed to said hobbies.

You know what I came up with?  NOTHING.  No hobbies.  I'm, like, devoid of interest totally* (*you should say this like a valley girl).  I thought about saying 'schlepping crap back to it's rightful place', 'changing batteries', or 'answering questions'....but then I remembered that the key words in hobby's definition were pleasure and relaxation....and leisure time (there's the rub). Huh. So, then I thought about saying 'eating' and 'sleeping' were my hobbies, but that sounds even worse than "nothing."  I considered saying 'watching reality tv', but figured that was not the time or the place for such a confession.

So, I stuck with "nothing".  I don't think I'll be crossing meet new and interesting people off my resolution list anytime soon--because I'm pretty sure the lady that knits hats for overseas orphans or the one who has traced her genealogy back to the 1600s have their eyes on the woman who grows 72 varieties of heirloom roses or the one who is a pastry chef as their new BFFs.  

You win some, you lose some.  At least I have my cats.  No, that's not right. I don't like cats either.  See...I'm like a wasteland of human interest.  But, I'm ok with it.  I'm planning on taking up all kinds of hobbies.....when I'm 80. :)


Anonymous said...

GIN-A! Go back next week to that Bible study and say, that before you all start you would like to REVISE your answer to the Hobby QUESTION and SAY, "Because I have a wonderful husband and a handicapped daughter and she has an older brother who loves her like crazy my HOBBY is to maintain a technically challenging and ever so humorous BLOG which is READ AROUND THE WORLD!But regarding genealogy, my Aunt June in Detroit and one of her daughters are members of the Louisa St. Clair chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and oh, how I would LOVE to get together with so and so if you'd ever like to make a date so I can learn a thing or two about finding my Mother's Family Tree or Paul's (we've pretty much done al lot of the work for the Thrashers, but not the Taylors, BTW,and don't even begin to imagine it is organized!-since we have a handicapped one in the home like you do!)!" Pretty soon they will be knocking on your door to bring you rosebushes for your NEW GARDEN, knit hats for all four or you for the winter, or at least the two littlest ones, and so forth and so on! GINA BURCH. You memorize that re-statement and you will soon be the Princess of the whole group, sweet girl. You'll see!

Meghan said...

Oh, I love you! I hate crowd participation...especially about questions re: hobbies. I wouldn't have had any either. You are such a wonderful mom, and I will be hobby-less with you.

Kristine said...

Yay, Gina! I not only couldn't come up with hobbies on a Boy Scout "parent" questionnaire, I didn't think I had any skills I might potentially try to teach them. So...feeling terribly inadequate and fearing they'd black ball Olken, I listed Clint's.

notes of em said...

you totally should have told them getting pregnant. that would have shut them up pretty quick. I mean, who at our stage in life, has time for hobbies? The things I tell myself are hobbies, when you look at them, are mostly necessities. I just tell myself they are hobbies to fool my mind into thinking that they arent "have to's"
dont feel bad, at least they didnt lock you out bc you were late :)