Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Because I know you all have missed stories of my humiliation, I have this one for you today....
It started off like many...We were running late, despite the fact that we (at least Garrett and I) had been awake for hours. Today was the last day of preschool and , bless those little teachers' hearts, I was not going to deprive them of one moment with my sweet little angel. So, I did not want to be late, but Lilah (as babies do) decided that today would be the day that she got a little extra shut-eye. After waiting till the last possible moment to stir the princess, I discover her in her crib, covered in what can only be described as some sort of nuclear event. I will spare you the details.
A bath and a change of clothes and a feeding and many rounds of "I don't want to go to school" later, we are in the car and I am seeing my last moments of freedom until September click away. I tell you this so you will know I was feeling a bit, uhm, busy--you know, fitting in all the errands I could possibly need to do in the next 3 months into 3 hours.
The largest of these being the grocery. I hate going to the grocery and I'd rather have my teeth pulled than go with both kids, even though they seem to enjoy it. If you don't count the times I've had to leave because of fits over not securing the perfect car cart.

on a recent grocery trip...., don't they look like they are having fun??:)

So, I'm racing through the Kroger today, trying to fill my cart with enough things to get me through many days of feeding my family without actually cooking. Because, the kitchen in our rental is.....well, let's just say I plan on a summer of crock-pot feasts and creative crock-pot leftovers....that can be eaten on paper plates. With plastic forks.
Anyway, I've made a short story terribly long and I'm just going to cut to it--I ran into a Kroger employee, with my cart. And knocked him to the ground. And he was stocking the top shelf. On a step ladder. And I have never been so embarrassed my whole life. Except the time, as a freshman that I had to stick my head in the trash can in 'the senior hall' and vomit because I couldn't make it all the way from the nurses office to my dad's classroom.
I felt terrible. I stuttered and stammered and generally made the whole thing even worse by apologizing 3278 times, until I realized that he was not going to say "it's okay". So I tucked my tail and did what anyone in their final hours of preschool bliss would do, finished my shopping and washed my sorrows away with an icey diet coke and the newest addition of People. Is Sandra Bullocks' baby not the sweetest thing???

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