Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm very behind.  That pretty much sums it up around here:) But, specifically, I'm behind on 'blogging' because PAUL HAS BEEN OUT OF TOWN FOR 3 WEEKS!!!!  I've had things to say and stories to tell, but I felt like I didn't want all of "cyberworld" knowing the head of the house was gone:).  That's right...New Jersey for 3 solid weeks!  I We are really happy to be on the other side of it and it was not easy.    I have to say I'm really proud of myself....I did it..."by myself", as Garrett would say.  Actually, I had loads of help from my mom, Paul's mom, Aunt Liz, and Marissa (who is a nursing student helping us a few days a week-a total answered prayer to have someone to give Lilah undivided attention and free me up a bit).

Lilah (aka: Yaya, Ya, Angel, Sister Sue, Mouse, & Sissy--I have always hated this one, but Garrett uses it endearingly) is doing great! Getting huge bigger, smiling, making her own little noises, and starting to imitate some mouth movements.  She loves to hold and suck on crackers or pretzels (Paul and I are so proud of this, you'd think she was running!). Her scale is tipping a bit more toward "fear" in regards to her big brother, telling me she is definitely "with it".  Her physical therapy should start soon and is desperately needed.

Garrett is testing my every last ounce of patience...and getting the better of me most days:)  They don't call it "terrible twos" for nothing! They also say "kids keep you young"--I have to say....I am not feeling it!

Paul is loving his new job with Cortis, a division of Johnson and Johnson and just got back from 3 weeks of training.  He is a sales rep for the endovascular division (I always screw up his job descriptions, so I'm sure this is not just right).  I have to brag on him, though:) Paul is the only person I know that has turned down more job opportunities than he's taken....he regularly gets calls from companies who are pursuing him, despite the fact that he isn't looking for a new job.  I am not surprised though--he's great at what he does and he's one of the most humble people I know (which is why he will probably 'have my hide' for writing this:), and incredibly loyal.  It was a tough decision because he really enjoyed his previous position and all the great people there.  We felt peace about the move and I'm incredibly thankful that he's enjoying it and, I know he'll do great!

I could probably write for days about our emotional status (fair, and improving) and adventures while house-bound (why does everything break while your husband is away?), but I'll save it for another day.  I take Lilah to her cardiologist tomorrow and have high hopes that we might be able to get rid of the O2 during the day, on a trial basis.  I'm trying not to 'count my chickens', but I am dreaming of the possibilities:).


notes of em said...

Yay for being the strongest and most incredible mom I know. You are a blessed servant to your husband and your children. You are doing a fantastic job.
And I am with you on the "sissy" I dont like it either, but SP loves it. ARGH.

Johnson Party of seven! said...

Sooooo- how did the appointment go?! Can you ditch the o2?! I FEEL your pain sister! Hutton came home on it and it bounds you so badly. I couldn't even check the mail with her! She ditched hers a couple of days ago. She sleeps with it on. I'm good with that! You sound good! Every single day is a new day and a GOD GIVEN day! Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Loved being updated on your family. Hope Lilah's appointment went well. Love you guys!
April G