Saturday, November 1, 2008


<--This is how the evening started.  I borrowed an amazing peacock costume for Garrett to wear and have been unable to get him to wear it despite various bribes (I think Paul had been telling him it was girly:).  So, we defaulted to Bob the Builder because Garrett already had the stuff.  In a way that only makes sense to a two-year-old, he acted like we were dipping him in hot oil!  Trick-or-treating went only slightly better...I think he actually made it to the door of three houses.  I am constantly amazed at the will kids would think candy would motivate him to let his guard down and 'get into it'.  
In his defense, he has another cold and ear infection! Poor guy!  We are praying that Lilah is able to avoid it, but I am prepared this time:(

Garrett was able to "rally", and loved being back home to sort through the candy and give it out to trick-or-treaters at our house.  He tried to take some candy that looked especially good to him out of their pumpkins a couple of times:)  

<--Here's how the night ended...a success!!

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notes from em said...

so sad for no peacock, but there was never a better bob the builder. and is that liz?
i was so happy to see you all last night.
thanks for coming out.